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Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010


City Transportation or public transportation is one means of transportation within cities and between cities that are widely used in Indonesia, such as minibus or van type car driven by a chauffeur and sometimes assisted by a kenek. The task is to call the passenger and driver assist the driver in vehicle maintenance (changing tires, fill the fuel, and others). Each department differentiated by coloror by number off leet.
City Transportation actually only allowed to stop at certain bus stops halte-halte/Tempat, but in practice, all public transportation drivers will stop their vehicles anywhere for raising and lowering passengers. Other violations do is put people and luggage in amounts exceeding the capacity of the car, and the back door is not completely closed or not closed tightly. Such violations are usually overlooked by officials because of weak law enforcement system.
Public transportation tariffs are usually set by local government, but people who ride short distances or school children usually pay less. This is not formulated in the written rules, but it became common practice. All public transportation in Indonesia have yellow number plates with black writing, together with other public vehicles. Microbus is public transport like public transportation in Jakarta. But the microbus has the distinction, namely typically form bermoncong car and light blue. Microbus base in Jakarta, including in

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010


NPM : 10206824


Railway transportation of the vehicle is moving down the tracks. rail transportation equipment which is widely used by people because the price is very cheap rate. if we use this train trip we will quickly because it would avoid the problem of traffic congestion. the train has some class, economy class trains depart from station to station jakarta bogor rates prevailing in 2000, Executive class train or called ferns depart from the station towards jakarta bogor or otherwise applicable tariff for 11 000 in other classes is that you only pay for the economic ac 5500 one way in which this class is cheaper than economy class air-conditioned express class is more comfortable than regular economy class. in the economy class train a lot of merchants that offer merchandise at a price below the market price. other than that in the train in economy class a lot of singers who sing and a lot of beggars. stations in through, if its direction from bogor economic train will stop at the station cilebut, Bojong BIG, citayem, depok old, new depokj, cottage china, ui, up, Lenteng grand, western cape and other stations until the last stop of the station jakarta. ferns while the train just stopped at certain stations. Sometimes in by train, we'll see the problems such as interference experience train so that we will experience delays.

Inside the train, we often see people who lost their belongings such as mobile phones and wallets due to pickpockets. These pickpockets in action at the time the train usually in overcrowded conditions. plundering in addition to the train, we often see people who perform sexual freedom.

Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Tugas Bahasa Inggris public transportation

easier Bogor public transpotation
Some 60 km south of Jakarta, Bogor is the "bo" of the massive Jabotabek conurbation, with 3,000,000 people or so of its own. The town was the capital of Indonesia during the brief British occupation, and under the name Buitenzorg was also the summer capital of the Dutch in the hot dry season. Located 290 meters above sea level, Bogor is noticeably cooler than the torrid lowlands, and the place where many of the Indonesian elite have their villas. Once a place of beauty, rapid development has turned central Bogor into the same congested mess as every other Indonesian city, but there are still rivers, canals, red-roofed houses, mosques, churches, trees, flowers and views of nearby Mount Salak to be had. Bogor's epithet is Kota Hujan, meaning "City of Rain". Statistically, it's the rainiest city on Java, and locals jokingly advise getting any sightseeing done in the morning because it's guaranteed to rain in the afternoon. Then again, tramping through the Gardens can actually be more pleasant in a cool drizzle. Lovers of Bogor will tell you that most of the time it is dry; normally, the rain falls only in heavy bursts late in the day.
How to get in
By plane : The nearest airport would be Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta Airport. There are direct Damri buses from there to Bogor. If you charter helicopter from Soekarno Hatta airport, you can request (in advance) for permission to land at Atang Senjaya airport, Bogor. This airport is a military base, but will be used for civilian flights in the future.
By train : Eksekutif-class trains called Pakuan depart Jakarta's Kota station, with a stop in Gambir, roughly hourly (RP 11000). Ekonomi-class trains depart Jakarta's Kota station every 20 minutes or so, but can be crowded beyond belief and it didn't stop in Gambir. Another class is Economy-AC. You only pay for Rp 5.500 per trip from Jakarta. This train class is cheaper and more comfortable.
By bus : Buses from Bogor to Bandung take about three hours, except on weekends when they're not allowed to use the Puncak pass and have to loop through Sukabumi, adding an hour to the trip.
By car : The easiest way to get to Bogor is to hire a car and a driver; this is relatively cheap; the journey time is about one hour. There is more than one road to Bogor, and the minor roads are often the most interesting. By toll highway, Bogor is about 40 minutes from Jakarta. During traffic jam (rush hours), it will take 80 to 120 minutes. Many commuters stay in Bogor and work in Jakarta. On weekend and holidays, the trip from Jakarta to Bogor may take up to 3 hour


Minggu, 09 Mei 2010


Persahabatan sangat indah sekali bila kita bisa menjaga persahabatan itu dengan baik. sahabat berbeda dengan teman. kita bisa mendapatkan teman dengan sangat mudah sekali, tapi untuk mendapatkan sahabat itu sangat sulit sekali. sahabat merupakan orang yang selalu ada disaat kita terpuruk, sahabat adalah orang yang selalu memberikan motivasi kepada kita, sahabat adalah orang yang sangat berharga bagi kita, sahabat orang yang selalu memberikan inspirasi bagi kita.
Terkadang dalam persahabatan itu ada saja masalah-masalah yang timbul, disini lah persahabatan di uji. Apakah dengan masalah yang timbul ini persahabatan tetap utuh, apakah dengan ada masalah persahabatan putus begitu saja. Dalam persahabatan kekompakan sangat penting sekali. I love u deh ma sahabat.....


Bakso sangat familiar bagi kita semua,hampir semua orang menyukai makanan ini. Selain harga nya yang relatif terjangkau, rasa bakso pun sangat enak di lidah. Sekarang bakso pun beraneka ragam bentuk dan rasa. Ada yang berbentuk bulat, ada yang berbentuk gepeng, ada yang berbentuk segitiga, ada juga yang kotak,rasa nya pun beraneka ragam, dari rasa sapi, rasa ayam, rasa buah-buahan juga sayuran.
walaupun ada isu tentang formalin dan minyak babi tapi bakso tetap saja digemari oleh semua orang.